Do You Sleep Better When It Rains?


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Yes, I would say so.  It brings the temperatures down so its not so hot.  Just have to make sure theres an extra blanket on the bed if it gets to cold especially, in the winter time.  But if it starts to thunder and lightening then I hide under the covers and can't sleep to good.  Lightening and thunder scare me.  I am silly I know. 
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LOL, My wife reacts to thunder the same way. I sleep great in a thunderstorm, except when there is a big clap of thunder and she ends up on top of me. I like going out on the porch and sleeping in the hammock during raging thunderstorms. Maybe it is weird, but I love them.. The wilder, windier, and more thunder.. The more I like it. I cannot get thru to her that thunder is nothing to be afraid of. If you heard the thunder... Then the lightening bolt has already missed you. It is the strike you never hear that is the threat.
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I grew up in Washington state with it raining a lot. I sleep a lot better when it rains. But now that I live in So Cal, it hardly ever rains. Maybe that's why I don't sleep well anymore....
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The sound of rain fall is really so relaxing,  it's great to take advantage while at home or even at work, just relax and enjoy while it last, because life can be stressful.
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My answer is pretty much the same as everyone else. Soft rain is relaxing on our metal roof, but hard rain, hail, and thunderstorms keep me awake. Since I live in Oregon I am awake a heck of a lot of the time, day and night.
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Had to answer hehe... I don't like the loud thunder and such as it can wake me, but a nice rain with a constant rhythm is so lulling.
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Rain creates what is known as "white noise".. Similar to the sound of rolling surf. Both are usually relaxing. I even have a CD of "Forest Rain" that I play when I have trouble sleeping and it works really good.
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O I wish I seen this Question I agree about the rain helping to fall asleep it is lovely to listen to but unfortunately I can't say I enjoy it as I live in Ireland and we have it most days!!! Like right now it is spilling from the heavens!!!
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I do enjoy it. Temperature gets to my favorite tone and I cuddle in my bed'n'blanket feeling like new baby in mother's lap!
I simply love rains and my sleep gets a bit better in that season(Only,If rain is accompanied my cold winds-We've 122 temperature here in summer so rain with cold wind is a blessing)
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I love the rain, and I'm one of the few that love the thunder storms (it would seem) I have chronic insomnia, but when it rains or storms, I get energized by the storms approaching then once it gets here I get sleepy and can sleep for hours
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Same here.. The wilder the thunderstorm, the more I like it. You should try a white noise cd, like I mentioned in my comment to Ryanna... It really helps me to sleep, and I have chronic insomina too.
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Yes, I do. I even sleep well. During storms. I love to hear the rain on the roof.
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Omer Butt
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Aha! Even I love that sound. I even love the feeling that It's raining with COLD WIND outside-Obsession or what?-LOL
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I sure do! It makes me lazy and I love to listen to it hitting the roof! Just as long as it don't last for days on end!! LOL!
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Yes. I find the sound of rain very comforting. It also makes me feel glad that I'm indoors in bed and not out in the cold, which helps me to get to sleep! I dislike thunderstorms though. The thunder and lightening tend to keep me awake. For me, just the pattering of the rain on the roof is perfect.
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I can't sleep if it is raining, rain gives me energy so I am wide awake whenever it rains...
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I sleep very good when it rains. I think the sound just calms me and makes me very sleepy. The thunder/lightning makes me even more sleepier. I love the sound of thunder. I don't know why? Some people tend to get scared from the sound, but I tend to get more calm from it.

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