How do I tell my boyfriend that he doesn't satisfy me when he thinks he does?


6 Answers

david morrison Profile
david morrison answered
Be nice but honest. Then you also may need to be alittle more in control and try something like you on top so you control the ammount of stimulation you need. It may help you both.
Jil Blue Profile
Jil Blue answered
The truth. As long as you 'pretend' you are giving of yourself and becoming empty. This is a give and take relationship....and so far...sounds like he is just taking. So as long as your silent or don't say anything...he's happy...and your not. To you, it will become like work.
Mimi Espanosa Profile
Mimi Espanosa answered
I think u just gotta go straight out and say it
Shane Smith Profile
Shane Smith answered
Ummm well since Im a guy and I was him I would easily tell him.

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