Is My Boyfriend Still Lying To Me? Well I Found Out My BF Like Shemales. And I Have Asked Him About It But He Just Refuses To Answer Me. He Is Embarrassed By It. He Says Hes No Longer N2shemales.


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I have the same problem and it doesn't go away. The lying gets worse and the hiding more vigilant. I decided he can do what he wants but I don't want this kind of man, and am willing to give up the great person he is over this which is ruining our relationship anyway. I left him after 4 years when I should have left after 3 when I first found out. In any case the problem is not she-males... It's lying... Lying to us about who they are and lying to themselves... Lying is how they keep the fantasy going that there is such a thing as a woman with a penis... And there just isn't, because a real male to female transsexual doesn't want their penis and the ones that still have it usually just prostitute themselves or do porn to raise the money to remove it. So we need men who are more honest and who respect us.
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Why don't you tell him that you are worried of loosing him? Tell him that you love him very much and if he's keeping secrets from you it'll just hurt you more. Whatever he wants you both can try to figure things out and that's how a relationship should be.  Oh, don't just go and confront/expose him it might not even be true... You never know. Sometimes people just like to look or watch but not do it themselves. If it's true, you two have some long serious talk to do. My love and luck to you, take care.
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I found out my boyfriend likes she-males too. He watches she-male porn on the internet and has names of the sites saved in his mobile. I found out months ago and wanted to leave him as I thought he was gay and stringing me along. He denied this and said he is just fascinated by the way they look, but the issue has arisen again and I can't handle it. I feel like I do not know who he is and that one day he will do something stupid that I cannot forgive him for, merely out of lust. I feel inferior and as if I do not satisfy him. We rarely has sex and he says this is due to lack of desire on account of medication he is on. So, why does he still get aroused by and interested in transsexual porn? Can anyone help me, I understand how you must feel...
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Our interests sometimes show our preferences. If he is looking at she-males and gets enticed after looking at them then It can be that he is interested in them and also "being dominated physical relationships", as your question's details suggests.
But, now when he is with you and really wants to be with you then it shows his love. He can be confused between love and physical desires, especially when both of these needs are met by different people. He is not admitting it in front of you because he might fear of losing you.
If you feel alright with his "being dominated physical desires" then show your "no objection" in front him and he will admit it in front of you once he feels easy in telling it.
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    The only way for you to know for sure is to learn to communicate openly and honestly. What people look at online isn't always bad. Curiosity can make people look at things they wouldn't openly but in Cyberspace they feel relatively anonymous. Approach this with an open mind and you may find a spicy fix. Fetishes are beginning to come to the surface now and are becoming more commonplace than most people realize. If you both decide to pursue a different path then stress safety above everything. Learn all you can and maybe join a forum that can assist you along the way. Most people are more than happy to share their knowledge to keep problems from arising that make their choices look bad. If you choose to try them feel free to message me and I will give you some very informative links to sites to help you if you like. And while I'm at it there is nothing wrong with you viewing sites with him. You'd be surprised at what he would tell you if you let him feel that he can share with you!

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