Why Does My Boyfriend Keep Lying To Me And What Should I Do About It?


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I have question when my boyfriend kevin called me 8 time asked me dinner at apple bee dinner He didn't tell me what time we go dinner. While my boyfriend asked me to dance  he drop me to the floor. When I playing basketball  a big boy was stalking me last night at star? I want him stopping stalking me!   

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I started seeing a young man this summer. When we first started dating he told me he may have a child on the way with his ex girlfriend, but he wasn't sure it was his because she had been cheating on him.
After 6 months passed he told me he had a paternity test done and the twins were not his.
Now it has been 8 months and he tells me it is one child and it is his......
I am also pregnant, 7 months...
What to do?
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If there is no real harm with your relationship I would stop asking the little questions. Sounds like you are a little insecure maybe from your past boyfriends and you are looking for that one lie of him maybe being unfaithful. If you have a good man that loves you for you hang on to him, there are a lot of men that do cheat, lie, ect. Just to play on your emotions.so be strong and don't let the little things bother you. Good luck.
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Buy a mood ring ,and when it starts changing to blue,get a brown paper bag and put it over your mouth because you are about to start hyperventalating,once you have calmed down remove the bag,and see if it has changed to silver,if so,turn you head real quick and look to see whos behind you,and know you no why you BOY FRIEND keeps lying to you.

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