How Do I Get My Boyfriend To Believe That Im Not Lying To Him?


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If you had your sister talk to him, would it help? Trust is a very difficult thing to earn, and even more difficult to gain back once it has been lost. If you have already explained to him what the situation was, then it is kindof up to him. He has the choice of whether or not to believe you. If he refuses to listen to what you or your sister have to say about it, then there really isn't much you can do. But, if you haven't broken up, as of now, then it may be affective if YOU break up with HIM. Tell him you can't be with a person that doesn't trust you. At that point he may realise that you are serious about not "cheating" on him, and he may appologize for not trusting you. But, there is the chance he will think you are breaking up because you want to be with this other person. If that happens, then you should just give it some time, and when he figures out that he messed up, he will come back to you. Good luck with it, I hope you get what you want.
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Trust is a hard thing to earn. Once you lose it , 9 times outta 10 , the relationship will go downhill.
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It is your fault because at the start you lied to him now he has in his mind that you lied to him so now it will be very difficult to convince him that you are not lieing can tell your sister to clear but the thing is he will think that you told your sister to lie as try to prove him with coming situations he will surely believe  you
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You will need to be very assertive in expressing your feelings to him ,also  the needs in the present  verses the associated lies  with the start of the relationship,using the most pleasent attitude possible ,you may have to try to convince him,your chancees are no different than they were when you told the first lie and he caught you in the lie,about 50/50,and this message will self destruct  in 60 seconds
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How do you expect him to trust you again if the whole thing was based on lies if I were him I wouldn't and probably end it for what does a person have besides trust??
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Expllain to him that it was your sister and if he doesnt belive you have him ask your sister if he still doesnt beleive you then you should consider moving on if he thinks your lieing all the time to him
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No trust no relationship! Its that simple. I wish there was more that I could say but the truth is true.

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