Is it true that if i tell him i'll give my virginity away to him that he will be my boyfriend? Cause thats what i think i need to do cause i can't get him with my personality. He never asked me i just wanna know if i should or not. Hes a gentlman.


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Paula Not tellin u Profile
If he doesn't like your personality, he's not worth it. You can find someone who loves you for who you are. You'll know if you love that person. And then it will be up to you if you want to "give" him your virginity or not.
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Tiffany Olson
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I cant find anyone. Every single guy i've ever liked rejected me they all only want friendship.
Lola A.
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It doesn't matter. Don't stoop so low. Have a little dignity will you? The problem is that your not comfortable with you. Love who you are and then someone will love you back. Stop seeming so desperate. All men like a little challenge, Tiffany. Have a little confidence and patience.
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Adrian Masters answered
Do not do it!!!!! My wife has special needs. You are not the only one. I promise there is someone out there for you. Pray that God sends him soon. :)
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Janey answered
That's a one-way ticket to trouble Tiffany with not only getting yourself a bad rep,but getting lumbered with an unwanted pregnancy and ruining your future.
lamora number-two Profile
All depends on how long you've known him. If it's anything less than 6 months, don't even consider it.

I'd say talk about it with him to see how he feels. You need to see if you're both ready to make such a bold step into your relationship. Don't rush headlong into it. Be sure it's what you both want before acting upon impulse.
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If he doesn't like you for who you are then he's not the right guy for you, and he's obviously not worth it, sorry but that's the truth, don't do something stupid just to make him happy...  Good luck.

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