If I told my boyfriend I just want to be friends until after college, how would he react? I love him, but I need to focus on school. I only have a couple more months till I graduate from high school. how can I tell him, so that we can still be friends? And possibly get back together after college.well after high school hes going to go on a trip around the world with his best friend and his brother, so he wont be there when I need him. that is why Im doing this now, so we can both finish school.


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You need to be honest with him. Tell him you need to concentrate on school right now. If he cares at all for you he will understand.

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Oh wow. You have your whole life ahead of you. You're at a very exciting time in your life. By the way I just love your profile picture (giggles)
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Thanks my mom and dad went to Macorine grill and asked if they would give them a spoon and they just gave it to them and then they gave it to me.
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lol how cute :)

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