Should I get a boyfriend?


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Zeke Zepplin answered
Yes u should
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Nope. Don't believe in those teen romance books and movies. Teens shouldn't focus on this kind of stuff, it's not ancient times. In all those movies and books and such the teens always have girlfriends/boyfriends just to complicate the plot and make it more interesting. Romance is a good thing to include if you want a good story (they public do like it), but there is difference between fiction and life,
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Amy Smith
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Well my sister has a wonderful fiance and I am going to follow her example and get a wonderful boyfriend :)
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Wait another year or two...
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chris mbombo answered
Yes cause i know you are hot.
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Arthur Wright answered
Only if you want to complicate your life and deal with all the lies and heartaches that will surely come with having a BF. Wiat til youre about 17 or older before choosing to venture here. Good luck and Happy New Year

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