Should I Get A Tattoo Above My Chest Like In A Necklace Form Of My Boyfriends Name?


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Deemarcas Day answered
Not no, but hell NO!  You never tat another's name on your body.  It will be there forever and you cannot be sure that your boyfriend is going to be your husband 50 years from now.  
If there is something that means as much to you as to him, say you're Irish, a lucky clover might be a alternative suggestion.
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I'd wait because you could end up breaking up with him!
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heidi franco answered
Never get someones name tattooed unless you're willing to get old and have a past lovers name on your wrinkly saggy neck.
Don't do it. Terrible idea.
You should probably have some sort of tattoo art piece. Like a tribal band with his name in there. Nothing obvious.
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Sarah answered
Never. Ever. Get a name tattooed on you. Unless it's someone dead or a really close relative. Trust me. A) you could regret it later and B) the tattoo artist will hate you.
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johnny answered
You might not want to personalty want someones name on it. It can't betaken off very easily. If you two broke up what would happen then youd want it off. Do a design or something not his name
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Jade Sreeter answered
NO, absolutely not. Boyfriends come and go. Husbands maybe, but tattoos around necks are costly to make go away as fast as the boyfriend does.
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larry cook answered
Never put a name on your body unless it is your children or family other wise you might have a name on you you don't want in time it hurts more to remove an costs more than its worth
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No don't because if you brake up you will have his name above his chest FOREVER and if you get married to someone elts you will have your ex boyfriends name on you

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