My Boyfriend Wants To Get A Tattoo With My Name, The Only Concern I Have Is What If We Break Up Or Something Goes Wrong? He Answers.  At Least He Will Know Who His True Love Is! What Should I Do?


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Usually when they want it and you don't want them to get it. It is like a possession thing .like you are for him . Most of my friends get the tattoos but wind up regretting it because the couple usually breaks up . So tell him NO! NO! NO! NO! IF HE LOVES YOU AND THINKS YOU ARE THE ONE THEIR MORE WAY TO SHOW IT THAN A TATOO HE COULD USE THAT MONEY TO TAKE YOU TO THE MOVIES
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If you truly love each other and don't think you are going to break up go for it, but if you are not sure I would try to talk him out of it. If I was him I wouldn't because if you do brake up and he starts dating someone else she might get mad and make him pay a lot of money to get it removed!!
   GOOD LUCK!!!!
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You should only tattoo your mom or your kid's name on your body. A good tattoo artist will tell you that. If he really wants a tat tell him to get one that represents you. Like your favorite flower or animal or cartoon character or something like that. Just not your name. There are too many people going around with other people's names on their bodies. People that they haven't seen in years. And their current partner has to look at that all the time. Not good at all.
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Oh my god I am in the same boat. One moment hes talking about getting a tattoo next month then all of a sudden hes talking about getting MY NAME tattooed on himself. I was like "what? Noooo, you don't do that, thats like a major jinx on a relationship, do you know how many people do that and then break up and have the names stuck on themselves?" his answer? "I'll just get it crossed out or covered over then" god I hope he was joking lol I mean we've only been dating for like 7 months, I don't know how he can even begin to think of putting my name permanently on him. I mean I love him but I believe the only names ever to be tattooed on ones self are family members, special people who have passed away but you want to be forever remembered (a tribute) and your childrens names because those are people who are always in your life no matter what.
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Getting your boyfriend/girlfriend name tattooed on you is really a bad idea. I certainly agree with the rest of the guys here, if you want a name tattoo, its probably best if it is  the name of your kids or parents.

Getting BF/GF name tattoo is a bad idea.

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