My Boyfriend Decided To Take A Break From Our Relationship, Can We Get Back Together After This Break?


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I would take this as my cue to say good bye. I agree with Karmabum. I would not sit around thinking too much or too hard. You know the saying...if I only had it to do again...well, this will be one of those times. Trust me. If you sit around stewing, or trying to get back with him only for him to reject you more, this will be one of those times when you look back and wish you had done things differently. I think if he see's you are NOT sitting home crying, but rather, out and about, going on with your life just fine, it will make him think twice. And if not, you will be doing yourself a favor by meeting other people anyway. It's a win/win situation. The more you push or cling to someone, the farther away you will push them. Hang back, stay calm and collected. Do the same as he is and get out with your friends. Don't seem too interested in where he is or what he's doing. See if he comes back. If not, like I said, it wasn't meant to be then, in the first place. Good luck~~ Be the bigger person hon.
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That really depends on WHY he wanted to take a break. Usually, taking a break is a male's way of saying bye bye without the distress of explaining his real reasons. Often it is because they want to date someone else, or because the girl (you) is more serious than he is. If I were you, get busy going out with your friends and make sure you don't have time to sit around getting miserable, because there may come a day when he wants to come back, and if you're not careful you will be being dumped like this on a regular basis every time he feels like a change of scenery. Really - there are a lot of guys out there, and you deserve one who will treat you better than this. Don't waste your life moping over this. If he wanted a break, then he is not very committed to the relationship. Did you want to break with him? My guess is no.
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Well, It really depends on the reason for WHY he wanted a break from the relationship. Karmabum is very right indeed. "Lets take a break" usually means " Its not working out" and you will find he'll stop talking and testing and phoning you and then after a while you'll loose connection altogether and then the next time you see him he's with another woman. I'm sorry this doesn't sound very reassuring but this is my opinion. I wish you luck on this xx

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