What's a good title for a photo album of me and my daughter?


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Something simple would work best, but I think it really depends on whether you're talking about a Facebook photo album or a physical photo album!

Facebook Photo Albums

If you want to upload photographs of you and your daughter to your Facebook account, you can get away with using first-person pronouns.

It's a bit strange to talk about yourself in third-person, so if this is a Facebook album we're talking about, I'd call it something simple like "Me and [your daughter's name]".

If your daughter's still young, you might want to include her age in the title. Alternatively, you could just note what year the photographs were taken in the album title.

For example, if your daughter was called Alice, you could name the album "Me and Alice - 2013".

A Real Photo Album

A physical photo-album that you can hold is far more special than an album on Facebook, so if I were making one of these, I'd probably think about who'd be reading it and name it accordingly.

For example, if this were a family photo-album to share with loved ones and relatives, I'd call it (carrying on with the "Alice" example!)  "Mom and Alice" or "Alice and [your name]".

However, if it was just for me personally, I'd probably call it "Me and Alice" — same as I would on Facebook.

At the end of the day, it's your photo album, so you can call it whatever you like! If you have any cute nicknames for your daughter, you could use one of those in place of her name.

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I'm working on a new album that just

might work for you both.

" The Life of Days " I stoped copy writting

5 or more years ago, so go for it, if you wish.

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Whatever you do make sure the grammar is right.

My daughter and I, for instance.

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@Ray Dart.

As you pointed out---it is correct:

Objects of Prepositions Are in the Objective Case
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"Me and Bobby McGee" was (almost) the first 3 chord song I learned on the guitar. One of those faux nostalgia songs, up there with "Me and You and a dog named Boo".
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That's wonderful. I've always admired the ability to play an instrument.
Came up with another to add to this thread. "Me and Mrs.Jones " and " Me and Mrs.Robinson " ( oldies but goodies )

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