What Do You Do After Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Dies?


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Mike McCarthy answered
I never have gone through this as I never really had a steady girlfriend.
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Anonymous answered
I would be very
sad, and then often go to his resting place to see him.
john Profile
john answered
I need to be brave to face. Though i love her, i must learn to admit the she died. At least i have love a girl like her and so lucky that she loved me before she died.
Rebecca Quick Profile
Rebecca Quick answered
Normally a person would go through a morning period, some get angry, then depressed and finally come to terms with their spouses death. Then eventually move on with life.
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Anonymous answered
That actually happened to me, when my fiancée died in 1967.

All you can do is deal with your grief (however long that may take) then move on with the remainder of your life, as I have done.
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yarnlady answered
I lost my first husband just after our first anniversary, and I took our new baby and went back home to live with my parents. Except for being with my son, I was mostly a zombie for about a year. My parents and relatives were very supportive, and eventually, I remarried.

We had nine very happy years until I lost my second husband as well. Again, my family was my salvation, plus my son, now ten years old.

I met my current husband about a year later, and we have been happily married for 35 years, and have raised my first son, and when he was 16, we had a new baby. My first son have given me three happy grandsons, and a darling granddaughter, now all grown, and the baby is married with two little sons of his own.

Life just has a way of moving right along.
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The first  thought we get is "we also go to die", but that one is very foolish. If we die for our friend, what about our parents. They are living for us. So, my advice is always be positive and think "he is with us. And we must do the things which were liked by your boyfriend"

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