How Do You Care For Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend And Take Him Or Her Into Happiness?


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Well you see love is all about making someone feel on top of this world. Basically love is initially felt when you cannot see them unhappy or in any sort of stress or problem. Love is all about sharing the saddest and the happiest moments together. Stand beside each other through thick and thin. Holding hands, never letting go, and having faith in each other that no matter what happens, they will never turn their backs at each other. This is what love is. Love can never be explained in words, it is like the air, you can only feel its presence.
If you want to make someone happy whom you love a lot, all you should do is do things which they like. Go out and spend time with them. Do not let them be alone even for a second. Give them surprises. Redo their rooms or their. Cook breakfast for them. Go for shopping. Give them a surprise visit, if she is a girl then bring her favorite flowers along every time you visit her. Make them feel the best person on this world. Smile with them and make them smile, be with them.
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Iam having the same problem except my boyfriend tells me sometimes how to show him that I care like making the things that he likes and the things that he wants me to do and tell him everything that I think about or want to do with him in the future...don't lose a person that you love because you will always feel sorry about that...

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