My Boyfriend And I Live Far Apart. I Really Miss Him. How Can I Stop?


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It takes a long time for the heart to forget, but the mind never will. Especially if this person is someone you loved. Just take it day by day and the lord will help you get through. Just ask him for guidance. He is the only one that helped me when the love of my life passed away 2 years ago. I still have never forgot him and never will, but it just takes time to heal and get your old self back again. Listen to your heart.
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I know how you girls feel, I met my fiance the summer of 2009, he lives in Croatia and I live in Canada, he means the world to me, he came to visit for new years and was here a month long, he left yesterday and I feel so empty, I don't know what to do, every time I think about him not being with me I start crying, we spent the whole day together, he was there when I went to sleep and when I woke up, I know this sounds weird it's comforting wearing his clothes, maybe it is the sense of having him wrapped around me and It smells like his cologne, and that sort of makes up for the fact that he's not with me, it never gets easy leaving, I'm looking forward to being in his arms again. Just remember girls you're not alone, you'll get through it no matter how hard it is, he loves you and you love him and if it's meant to be no matter how hard the separation is soon enough you will be together forever.

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It is extremely hard not to miss them. My boyfriend just moved away. And I will see him twice a month if lucky. It is really hitting me hard. I feel like crying everytime I think of him and am not motivated to do anything. I just feel like locking myself up In my room and not talking to anyone. But I have also lost my appetite and am not eating... I feel like I am slipping into depression and I wish I knew if there was a way to stop missing him. Sadly, there isn't. It just shows you really care for him, and that you are in a strong relationship.
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I am exactly like you! I cry all the time for him. Every time i think of a happy memory with him i want to see him even more and it makes me feel even more sad. I have lost my appetite as well and I am into a very deep depression. Many times i can't even get out of bed. But every time i see him, its like i am whole again, i cant live without him. But all we can do is just stay strong. But no matter how much i tell myself to stop missing him and stop crying the more i keep doing it.
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Me and my fella have been travelling together for three years and together every day for 6 years. I landed my dream job and 5 hours later my fella landed his dream job but a 2 hour flight away. He works three weeks on one week off. Iv moved to a rural town in Australia for my job, have no friends or family here and am currently working from home until operations begin. I miss everything! I miss waking up beside him and falling asleep next to him and no amount of time is going to change that. Its only been one month and I already feel like giving up my job amd following him. Its really comforting to know that you girls are out there and in some waay I'm not alone. Together we will make it through and have to keep the faith that its for the right reasons and to benifit our futures. I will go to sleep wtha tear in my eye and will think of all of ye 2. I hope we will all look back on this time with the ones we love and know we made the right sacrafices! Xx sleep tight
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You can't I'm afraid. Not if you really care about him. If you were to stop caring about him, all of the feelings would go away. The good and the bad.

Missing each other is not a bad thing. It shows that the relationship means something and that you care enough to notice that something is missing in your life.

You must also realise that this is a very different feeling to that if you weren't together or had broken up and you miss them. If you break up then that sad feeling would hurt a lot more - because you know that you can't recapture it. But that also fades with time.

This sort of loneliness has a different feel. You are still connected and you are still together. I'm sure you talk oh the phone, text or email regularly.

Remember that missing him won't really change your situation. Its just a useless emotion really! If you aren't happy with it then you have to DO something to change it.
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Hey, 4 - 5 Months ago, I meet my love, he lives in Sweden and I in Denmark.We see each other  twice a month, most of the time we see each other from thursdays to sundays.  I always cry when he leaves, or when I leave him, it's like 7 - 8 hours train ride each time, and we switch on who visits who, like, I just visited him, so now on thursday he'll visit me.

Try to think of the next time you will see him, It makes me happy to know we'll be together soon.

Also get an MP3 player with songs on that mean something to you both, maybe make a compilation of good songs for each other.  I did this and yesterday I went home from him to Denmark, and I didn't cry once on the train, I was sad. But didn't cry, the mp3 I bought, helped a lot! Listening to the music he liked, and my own.

Also, make use of the technology available to you.  I have used facetime and webcams.  I saw him over webcam before we went to bed.  It's not the same as cuddling him but just seeing him is something which helped a lot.  Hope that helps.

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Black Nerevar
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- What helps me to not think about how much i miss him,
is that i listen to the music he likes, and sometimes
eat and drink what he likes/does, looking at the pictures
of him and read throu old messeges. And talking to people
that helps ALOT, and seeing friends or playing games on my com.
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If i could, i would stay up all nigth with him and just
talk.. But i know i can't.

He says to me that i am not a bother to him at all,
and even thou that might be true, i still don't wanna
bother him to much, but when i really feel like i need
to talk to him or see him, i tell him and it makes him happy
to know how much i love him and miss him.
Black Nerevar
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I think about him when ever i am not focused and it's
hard, but that's all i can do, what i found nice to
know was that he sometimes also read throu old messeges
too when he misses me. :)
Keep loving him! Eventuelly it will work out and you
You wil be thogedter! :)

In 5 months he will move to my country
and we will live thogedter for a few years
and then move back to Sweden, with me! :)
I can't wait for that day! :D
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I'm going though the same problem. Its been a month since I havent seen my bf. He on the road for a job. We talk when he can. I kno he misses me how much I do. But I sit here n do nothing but work come home play with my dog and cry. There are some days I'm strong and wont cry I don't want to b a nag to him. I get so like omgness when I don't hear his phone ring. I know hell call me when he can. I just hate his job and who he works for. But he haded to do what he need to it for money. He a carnie for the summer. I see him at the end of this month for one weekend. I can't wait .. But after it he goes back on the road and heart beark happens again. And I don't have "friends: To help me by. But some how some way I get by. Just the feeling of seeing him again makes me happy...
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You can never stop. You can never get over something, or stay close to something forever. Go visit him.  Good luck! <3

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