Why Am I Jealous? I Have Liked Him For Over A Year, He Likes This Other Girl. But I Feel Jealous, I Want To Let Him Go, But I Just Cant?


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Okay girl if you like him so much should let him go,this may sound stupid and all that but.If this guy finds out that you have a major crush on him then he will tell his girl and him his girl and his friends. Will think you are like a creepy stoker person so ya i have lot of  of experience so take advise well bye bye:)
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You are jealous cause u like him and you just cant let him go because u cant see him with any other girl but ur self well its kinda of a competion like * you have to get him * but anyway if u like him u gotta keep it up and never let go but if u feel tht there is no hope anymore then u can just let him go and find someone worth it :P :)
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Girl you gotta find someone else. There's a person that is out there waiting for you and you just don't know it. You shouldn't be jealous. You never know he might like you someday.;;;;;;;;;
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Its  probably  true  love but  if  he  is  2 stupid not  to  love  u  then  forget  about  him
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Talk to him about it? And he cant help if he likes somebody else i know how you feel trust me. Letting go is hard but its for the best you cant make someone love you.
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If you feel that much for a guy you should never just give up. Guys always change their minds about girls until they find the right one for all you know that could be you just try not to show the jealousy and maybe he will get over her.
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I say you need to find a new guy. Get a bf to get you mind of of the guy that dosen't like you.
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I think u should find another guy and be supportive of his realationship with the other girl!!!

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