Is It Weird I'm 16 And Only Had 1 Boyfriend?


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Not at all so quit sweating the small stuff as you're young with a whole life ahead of you so just relax and enjoy life
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Whats weird with that?!?!.. Im 22 and i never had a boyfriend..LOL..
Don't be affected of people around you.. Just go with what you think is right and be responsible with the consequences it will bring..
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Miranda Sareen
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Thanks. All my friends had a boyfriend before and I was worried that would be considered weird.
tinga nih
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Just remember we all are different.. We all are unique.. You can only know when the right time comes for you to love again.. Learn from it.. And be a better person. =) enjoy youth!!!
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Not at all. I'm 16 and have only had one boyfriend. And relationships stress me out so just relax :)
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trigger baybee answered
Nope, not at all i'm almost 18 and I've only had two boyfriends my entire life
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Lady D Bell answered
It is not weird to be 16 and only had 1 boyfriend. I would say wait and take your time in picking a boyfriend.

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