all of my other friends have boyfriends or have had and are recently out of relationships, and have had their first proper kiss...and I know it seems weird but I'm really jealous and feel down that I haven't. Is it wrong?


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PJ Stein answered

Is it wrong? No. You feel what you feel. Is it really worth feeling that way? Not really. I wouldn't be too concerned. I was the last of my friends to have a boyfriend, and because of that I got to learn a bit from my friends and skipped some of that young drama. Try not to be jealous, and don't feel down about it Stay confident and know when the right guy comes along, he will ask you out.

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Matt Radiance answered

You shouldn't feel jealous. There's nothing to be jealous about. However, your feelings are understandable. But if you haven't had a relationship. Means the right person wasn't there. You follow what you feel is right. Other's actions shouldn't determine your decisions. Right now, you are one step ahead of everyone else in your age.

-No drama -No broken heart -No regrets

-You saved your kiss for someone more special  -You saved (the possible physical attractions) with someone more special and stable. -You saved a good time to observe other's mistakes and immature actions in relationships to learn and never repeat those on your path.

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No sense being jealous of them.  You sound very young ... And none of you are really ready for relationships.  They'll be short term at best at this point.  Just concentrate on enjoying your own life independent of someone else.  When the right person comes along for you .. At the right time, it will be your time for that.  Keep in mind too .. Just because your friends have boyfriends doesn't mean they're any happier than you are.  Jealousy is very negative and unhealthy .. You tend to make bad choices when you're jealous.

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