I'm 15 and my boyfriend is 23, is that weird?


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Not wise is more like it. A person the age of 23 has had more life experiences than a person of 15. What do you have in common? More than likely the 23 yr old is sexually active. That is a lot of expectation/pressure on a 15 yr old. The 15 yr old is not mature enough to handle a relationship with a 23 yr old or the consequences or the responsibilities. Be careful. Think long and hard before doing anything that could change your life forever...and not necessarily for the better.  What about HIV and other nasty diseases? Also, if bf is caught having a sexual relationship with a 15 yr old could get charged, sentenced and go to jail.
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Today it is not acceptable by society as you can read in the other answers given here. Legally it is not legal for him to be dating you. He can go to prison for around 15 years and have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.
Do your parents know you are dating a 23 yr old? Would they or do they approve?
With this said, a little over a hundred years ago and on back into history it was common for 15 yr old girls to marry older men. Many arranged marriages back then were for the girls being about 12 1/2 and the boys being 13 1/2 or older. Education was not as important then and the life expectancy was as low as 30 years. Today we live longer and education is important. The average age for first time marriage is now 26.
If it is OK with your parents and he wants to chance going to prison there is nothing wrong or weird of you and he dating; it just isn't very wise.
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He's a pedophile and he can go to jail for that
There's sickos out there that are sexually attracted to little girls and thats just wrong

Think about it, what "normal" man would WANT to date a little girl? Thats not normal, there's something metally wrong with him
And you're too young to be with someone that old
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Its not weird, it happens a lot, but its illegal, so watch urself
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Uhhh yea ! Yur a freakin child he's an adult. What the heck is a MAN doin with a young child ?? Yea he probably wants sex. He's a perv. And it's illegal. The maturity gap there is huge !
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Your boyfriend is a pedophile. You probably feel mature for dating a cool 23 year old but think about it. What cool mature and collected 23 year old man goes around dating girls who just left middle school. He needs to really find somebody his age. He could get arrested. Wait until you 18.
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Yes what ru doing with a guy that old he's like 8years older Than you,yes it's weird way do you have in common with someone that old? Not to mention it's like illegal un every way,and ru sexually active with him? Well yes it's weird very but also I guess love has no age so Thea but becarefull cause well for a lot of reasons:) 

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