I'm 13 and my boyfriend is 17 and we are in love, is that ok?


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Ummm...I don't really approve but if you really like this guy...well think about it this way, you are very young and I imagine, pretty...so have fun, spend time with other guys...let him be free too...he's older than you and he's urges at his age might not be what you can handle even if you are old enough...just be careful in your decisions...if he really likes you...he'll wait for you (and it would give him a chance to live his life more too), I'm sorry your hearing all this negativity while you are in your relationship, but...just be careful...date other guys your age and if it doesn't work out, then get back together with the 17 year old...I hope he really likes you and is not taking advantage of you...don't give your whole heart to him, in case he breaks it...don't let him tell you all the things you want to hear...well what ever you choose...be careful not to give your whole self away to him...sorry about all the criticizen your getting...wish you luck :)
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Not at all as no 17 yr old should be hanging around with a 13 yr old unless hes has some serious issues relating to his own age group and you have a lot of growing up to do before you should even be thinking about serious relationships other than just friendships now
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No dear it is not ok.  He is too old for you.  If he really feels strongly about you he will be willing to wait till you reach a more mature age.  If you can disscuss this with a trusted adult.  If the trusted adult tells you something you obviously don't want to hear please heed those words before things turn crazy.
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Probably not and it's not English either.
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Age dosen't matter in love
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Well, its ok, but when he turns 18 its illegal til your 18, so good luck to both of you
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chloe morgan
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Me and him has been 2 geter for 2 years
Arthur Wright
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That doesnt matter at all as its where are you two headed with this
Zakary Savinski
Omg. Come on Chloe, a 17 year old? Thats pretty much dating either a junior or senior in high school. And your in like 6th grade kid. Come on. Soon it won't even be legal anyways.
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Your still young but if that is what you wish, just take care of yourself. Don't take to heart everything he says. If he truly loves you, let him prove. Let him wait until you r legally able to date him...

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