Is This Considered Jealousy That I Get Very Upset And Angry When My Boyfriend Watches Porn? Is That Ok?


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You aren't ugly! Don't you forget that! It isn't you that has a problem either, he does. I would say that with his behavior and watching this junk everyday, is an obsession, which isn't healthy. I could dare say that it is deviant. I don't want to sound short and curt, but you need to get away from him, and find someone who is going to love and like you just the way you are. You deserve a lot better than someone like that honey. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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Penny Kay
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way to tell the truth T-MOM!
Jacquelyn Mathis
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Thank you *P, it bothers me that he would do that to her, and then uses that to make himself feel better about himself. The louse!
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I don't think it is wrong for you to feel a little upset...i think most women do, even if they don't admit it, feel somewhat jealous of there boyfriend watching these other women do the things they do. On the same hand you have to realize that your bf loves you or else he wouldn't stick around. All men have fantasies...they could be with the hottest women in the world and i bet they would still watch porn. Men are visual creatures. It doesn't take much to turn them on. Don't put yourself down, look in the mirror and see how beautiful you really are! And don't let any man make you feel other wise. I hope this helps you.
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This sounds a little like jealousy and a lot like a self esteem issue. Instead of focusing on your spouses choice of entertainment, do something nice for yourself. Get your hair done, start a walking program with your friends, find a hobby that you enjoy and maybe another friend to enjoy it with [female]. Take a class, they offer low cost or free classes at libraries and other places, look in the newspaper, or call your local library.Doing something positive for yourself will give you a new perspective on life. The only person you have the power to change is yourself. You are worth it. You will like yourself better and your spouse may notice the 'New You' and find you a much more interesting mate. I would like to suggest that you find a church to attend, one that makes you feel happy and grateful. There you will find the love and acceptance, you find so lacking in your current situation. I know that if God created you, and He did, He did not make a mistake. You are beautiful, you are a child of the King, and that makes you a princess.
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The part people are missing is that sometimes, porn is an addiction. A mental fix. Trust me honey, you throw on some spicy clothing and work some moves, he'll forget about that 'ol computer.
If that doesn't work, fry his hard drive.
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The porn he watched is disgusting  and the fact that he does this every day and in front of you tells you he has no respect for you what does it matter that these girls are thin look at the jobs they do ,your worth so much more appearance to me means nothing when meeting anyone its whats inside that counts the most your fella is holding you back if he wont change kick him out and start enjoying this life for the nicer things and the kinder people take care
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Personally speaking, I think you should shove. It is ugly that selfish lust filled eyes are right through the television till his face reaches the plug. Then get him disconnect the television with his teeth, If he Is looking for a Cheap thrill??.

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