Ok my chick room mate now says I'm not her friend and hates me because she says my bf is (explicit words) and that I'm just always going to play the victim and I act differently with him around her vs. Just me and him. Is she right to be this angry?


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It sounds a lot like there are some other issues going on behind her words. Maybe she's jealous? Maybe there are more complicated feelings going on? Or she could just be feeling stressed out?

I'd recommend having a frank and laid-back chat to see what's going on. Human relationships are complex, that's why we'll all be better off when the robots and virtual reality take over.

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It sounds like jealousy but whatever the reason you need to get out of there.  Opening your mail is against the law but apart from that she's behaving in a very disturbing manner.

Whatever you have to do get out of there, this person sounds more than a wee bit disturbed.

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Violet  Rayne
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I just don't understand why she is doing this to me
Sharron Prestcott
Well how are you getting to and from work without a car?

Tell this woman you want the balance of your paycheck you signed over to her, remind her she's done something illegal by opening your mail, talk to her husband if he's more approachable.
BE firm with her, take the control away from her and with your next paycheck get the car fixed up and get OUT of there.
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From personal experience, I can tell you one thing. If you value your friendship truly, then you will try your hardest to reconcile with her. A friendship is a bond between two people. There will be hardships, but what proves that you both are true friends is when you overcome those trials. Assuming that you two are friends.

Try to understand her feelings too. Ask her why she feels this way, nicely. When you do this, you can address her problems with you. This way you can resolve any issues easily with any complications. I'm sorry if I sound too "deep", it's just that I have lost some really good friends. I don't want you to experience the constant pain and suffering I go through every day.

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