Why Do You Believe That The Rich And Famous Marry One Of Lesser Wealth Without A Prenuptial Agreement?


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Cindy Thompson Profile
Cindy Thompson answered
Maybe they really married for love and not money.
maya gogo Profile
maya gogo answered
I think i don't care about someone life especially if he by himself does not care.. So if any one marry because the money finally he will take the money no thing else but he will lose his emotions.
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Anonymous answered
Because wives generally prevail in divorce court, female celebrities don't have to worry about pre-nuptial agreements.
paul williams Profile
paul williams answered
If your rich then who cares. If she is worth 600 million and he got half couldn't you survive on 300 million. Ill volunteer to be her next and sign a prenup with only a couple mill at the end if it doesn't work out. Lol

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