Does Anyone Know How To Get Rid Of Heartache, From Loving Someone?


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Brittany you got to try moving on with life..Your like me you fall in love with someone than  when your heart  gets broke..You can't let go of  that person and you keep thinking of that person and obsessing over that person..Sometimes we got to accept  life  for  what  it  gives us..And find someone new to love :) Best Wishes
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You have to get on with your life, from personal experience I think you should spend more time with your girlfriends than boyfriends, if the guy is in your class or in your area then don\'t let him phase you, if you see him you can still say hi to him and don\'t feel like you have to avoid him, don\'t let him get in the way of your life, show him that he isn't worth worrying about and that your over him, I just wish that someone had told me all this advice when I needed it (;
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You've created this topic 2 years ago so I think there is no actuality any more but for someone else it should be useful so you should come to peace with it and live your life conscious, belive that it had to be this way cause this is your fate! Always look on the bright side of life be positive cause karma will get back at you and this positive attitude to life could be the key not just for this case but many other areas of life! Have a great day and life!:)
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The only way to get rid of the 'headache' or get them out of your mind is to think about or talk to them.
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Need to find resolvement and conclusion in things and set your mind at ease, once you find that peace of mind then things will become alot clearer for you

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