Why Does A Man Keep Coming Back To A Woman If He Don't Still Love That Women After 13 Years? How Can You Just Be Friends When You Are In Love And He Acts Like He Don't Really Care?


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I'm going through something similar and after 3 years of putting up with his rubbish i.e lack of consideration for me...We had an argument which as usual spiralled off course.  He hurt me with words....and I did the same but I decided to cut off all contact and change my number. If he truly loves me and wants me back he can make that decision for himself. I'm past trying to convince this guy that I love him and want to be with him....    I suggest you do the same....let it sink in....the reality of his actions....    The saying goes "if you love someone let them go.....if its meant to be yours....it will come back".... I don't care anymore....as a Christian I'm putting all my faith in God that he knows exactly what he is doing.
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Because you let him. Make him decide to stay or leave, then see what he does. You need to get off this roller coaster and stop wasting time with him.
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I am in a similar situation and I gave the man 8yrs of my life and a child.It's hard to figure out why they still string you alone when they don't really love you... All I can say is that they are selfish and we are making it way to easy for them to continue stringing us along.A man who would cheat on you,disrespect you or put your feelings and emotions to the side with no regards to your heart   does not love you!!!
Sometimes I have told myself that my ex loves me and that he just needs some space to see that he has a good thing but I am done sitting around taking little bits and pieces of attention here and there when he is bored or lonely or just out of habit.
I agree with the last poster if he loves you he will come back if not well you will be better off and think of all the years if heartache you will save yourself.Good luck to those going through these we can get through it :)
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Well, it is up to the women she must realize that this relationship is going nowhere fast.  She has to develop self control and get rid of this so-called relationship, so she can receive a relationship which is meaningful and respectful to her.  We all make mistakes and it takes time to understand that we as women deserve so much more than a roll in the hay.  We need to aim high and respect our needs and never settle for anything less.  Take care.
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Because it is made easy for him to come back. Growing up I did it myself (Not proud, just wiser) As long as your willing to take scraps of affection why would he bother investing any thing more? Sounds like he's either married or involved with someone else, just wants a change of scenery (Not address) You deserve better, anyone does. I bet if you stop making it easy for him, stop wasting your time with an emotionally unavailable (Or immature, spoiled) man, You would spend more time on finding someone who will honour you and your devotion. I'd tell him "To the left, to the left..."
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I can't say that he loves you but he cares ... He is keeping you on that string while he finds a challenge.. He knows you are not going anywhere .. So he will go and play. They say they are messed up in the head .. Make you feel sorry for them, this way they have a go to... (you being the go to) when there is nothing else.. Yes, I know this all too well.. Been there just as long as you. But in the mean time he married another and came back to me .... I was a fool to think he learned his lesson in my heart but my cover is strong and hard... As a matter of fact the cover is now becoming reality... I want something real in my life .... And when it comes he goes!! I deserve far much better then the false words that come out of his mouth... Sad if he was to be sincere NOW.. I would never KNOW.... The only way I would believe him was for him to get on stage in front of all our peers and say that he loved me .... Guess what that will NEVER happen .. Good LUCK!!!
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Guys like to pretend like they don't care. But it doesn't mean he doesn't.
This guy seems very confused, as if he doesn't know what he wants and can't be bothered any other way. You need to find out what he really wants because it seems as though he is stringing you along here. x
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Why does a man keep coming back to a woman he doesn't love? Good question. How about habit, or being too lazy to find sex somewhere else? Having his food, sex and ironed shirts in one location is rather convenient. Then there are children, or his own sense of pride about himself. Maybe he doesn't want to face up to reality, and then make a decision to do something about it.

Perhaps he wants to look good in the eyes of his family, and so would rather play the martyr, than admit what he is feeling. I don't know, could be any one of a million reasons, what do you think?
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Ive had a similar problem... I accidentally drove him away though... Because I couldnt shut up about the fact on how much I loved him.. Sometimes you have to let go of the person you love and set them free.. It motivates me to live how theyd live.. Like if theres certain things they do or used to do.. Or things they are involved in.. It makes me feel good inside somehow when I get involved in the same stuff... Comforting in a way and I know in my heart ill love him no matter what and keep the hope that maybe one day we will meet again
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Guys have different needs than women. He's probably coming back for something he doesn't need constantly.. so not a relationship. Maybe it's the physical side of things or the company.

Maybe he's just lonely but can't find someone else?
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Why don't we face the reality. If a man wants to take care of his children and wife but does not feel comfortable with his wife in bed, what is the solution.  Obviously, he feels depressed and irritated. I would say men should be allowed more than one marriages.

For centuries, people had more than one marriages. That was quite a good solution for the problem mentioned above. Children would not lose their father and father would also have a peaceful life. Mothers would remain free of economic problems.

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