If A Man Says He Cares A Lot About You, Does That Mean He Loves You?


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No. It means that he has some affection for you & that he wishes you well, but not that he loves you (at least not yet.) He may be processing his feelings & with time, this may lead to love. However, he may also "care" about you like one cares about a sibling or friend. Really, it is a question of how he behaves towards you!

Love changes over time, though, and after many years of marriage, "caring" is what will sustain you between the passionate moments of love, anyway! Best wishes to you!
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Even more true is that he has and is still getting what he wants out of you. You will get the idea when your caught in a place or with a stranger unable to get in touch with the boyfriend that left you and does not feel like dealing with you, because he got what he needed at the time. Very few men can exhibit unconditional love and forgiveness, it should not be wasted on a lay.

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