What Does It Mean When A Man Tells You He Loves You But Not In Love With You?


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It means that he cares about you as a person, but he is not interested in you romantically. He is not interested in dating you, but hanging out together would be OK, but just as friends. Unless you have feelings for him, in which case you should not be hanging out with him because you would just get hurt.
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cori mckee
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Well in that case we have been "hanging out ' for 2 years we even live together so I guess it is too late for the hurt part huh
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It depends on how long youve known him, how he says it, weather you get jealous when hes with another woman and vise versa. It usually means your a good friend.

JD Fallen
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It means he is screwing another women or he really not is not intrested for a relationship... I am sorry to say (this is all coming from the thoughts of a man)

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