Can You Really Tell If Someone Loves You By The Look In Their Eyes? What Does It Mean When A Man Kisses Your Hand?


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Arsalan Maqbool answered
If your boy friend hugs you and also kisses you on your hands,then that means that he is expressing love for you.It means he loves you and likes you a lot.
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Jacki Brockett answered
Oh yes you can tell if someone loves you just by the look in their eyes, it's a look that you can get lost in and if they grab your hand at or around the same time they say that to you means when they tell you that they love you they also mean it, and it is not just a love of a crush it is deep sincere love so hold onto this one he sounds like a good one
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Me and another guy are really great friends we talk to each other every night from 7:00pm to 3:00 in the morning we always hang out together and when we do all we do is look into each others eyes and smile is this we always want to be together is this love?

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