What Does It Mean When A Guy Holds Your Face When He Kisses You?


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If a guy holds your face whilst kissing you, it usually means he wants to kiss you passionately.

Body language can be a good indicator of feelings - and this gesture suggests he is feeling passionate!

In fact, he might be so overcome with passion that he physically needs to hold on to you!

What does it really mean if he holds my face when we kiss? This gesture is usually associated with having strong feelings for someone.

There is nothing casual about holding someone's face whilst you kiss - in fact it gives out the opposite message: That this kiss is something immediate and energetic.

It's almost as if he is afraid you'll slip away - he wants you so badly, he's afraid of letting you go.

Why does he hold my face when we kiss?

When a guy kisses you, one of the most difficult decisions he has to make is where he puts his hands whilst your lips are locked.

He might be concerned that touching your body (and especially your 'assets') might be a little forward or send out the wrong signal.

On the other hand, if he is too passive or lifeless, he might be labelled boring, unromantic, or simply a bad kisser!
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Well I of course I can not speak for all guys, But if I put my hands on either side your face and look in your eyes before kissing you then it means that right there at that very moment ,that we may as well be the only two people on the planet. All of my attention is on you.. Now some people have said its to hold one still or to keep from pulling away.. this is absolutely not true, at least for me it isn't. For one thing, I'm not trying to kiss anyone that I think might want to pull away. And two,when I do this ,right between looking you in the eye and kissing you ,You will here three special words...And those words will never be said to anyone who wouldnt want me to kiss them obviously. So in conclusion. It is a sign of total commitment and devotion as well as passion. More than likely if a guy does this to you,,, then hes totally into you. Now...on the other side of this coin, If I do this and she puts her hands on my hands, then I know that the feelings are mutual.

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