What Is Your Favorite Pick-up Line?


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I luv pick up lines.  This one guy used to use them on me all the time when I used to go out, he was very tall, goodlookin,and his name was Weed.  I miss him alot, he passed away.  But these are the ones he used on me:  "Is your Daddy in prison"?  Well he should be cause he stole all the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes."  That was my favorite. And the very old one every one knows,"Are your feet tired? Well they should be, cause they been runnin through my head all day".  Hope you enjoy these, I know I did.
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Cara B
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Thanks. I like "did it hurt?" "what?" "falling from heaven cuz you look like an angel." HAHAHAHAHA
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I always like 'does this cloth smell like chloroform to you?' or 'I might not be the best looking guy in here, but I'm the only one talking to you.' But my favourite has to be 'Heres 10 pence/cents go tell your parents you won't be home tonight.'
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"Is it hot in here or is it just you?"
"So, besides being absolutely beautiful, what else do you like to do?"
"Those jeans would really look good on my bedroom carpet"
"I wanna have your baby"  (fairly funny coming from a guy)
"Let's get drunk and take advantage of each other. Or, I could get drunk and you could just take advantage of me. OR, you can stay here and get drunk and I can go home and take advantage of myself. Either way, it's up to you. "

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Leigh Meadows
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Those are some pretty good ones. Especially the first one. I've heard that a couple times.
Cara B
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How bout "you know what would look good on u? ME!" haha, old but good!
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Hey, I'll be 6 If you be 9 !!!!
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Hershey's Chocolate Factory makes thousands of kisses a day.. All I'm asking for is one.
Is your daddy a baker? Cause you have some really nice buns, (Just for fun!)
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I've these 69 dirty pickuplines to contribute :D Enjoy!


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Hey sexy, want to dance the night away with me?, You must be an angel from heaven and I have fallen for you:), Ooh lala, and MMM, yummy, I want to eat you up.

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