What are things that guys like in girls?


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Guys were also unique individual. They have different preferences.
There is no sure or accurate answer for that, but i think the best way girls can turn on boys is to be natural.

If he love you he will accept you no matter what.

“It is better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for someone you are not.”
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Great body, one who isnt smarter than they are, and gives what they want, and if pretty thats a plus
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I go with Arthur... But a small addition they also find security...
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First beauty which happens first , later quality , intelligence etc 
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A girl with her own mind/opinion about issues.good moral values.smart and almost better in all the things that the guy is weak on. And a lot more
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Guys like to c in a girl these things:

those r some what i c in girls i dont care for the looks..nothing..just whats on the inside of the person
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Arthur Wright
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If only that were true and only in a perfect world. Now I will give this that real men look for this as well as inside beauty
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Everything except ......

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