Ok so I like this girl, I've known her for about 7 years and I'm now nearing the end of high school, this girl i like and another guy are going out and so far I know that things have progressed pretty fast for them. Any ideas she is always in my head?


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Maybe you were just meant to like this girl and from the sounds of it you don't just LIKE her. Things could be progressing really fast in her relationship but that doesn't mean that she's happy. She might think that it's moving too fast. But she also might be afraid of dumping this guy because she doesn't know if there is another guy who would want to go out with her. I'm not an expert and I know highschool is rough (I'm still stuck in it for another three years) but I hope this helped!

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Darik Majoren answered

I always say, "Lay your cards right out there on the table" . . . Life is too short, and at the very least you can obtain closure for unrequited love (Crush) of yours. Mine was Lynn Barisnoski . . . . I told her how I felt about her.

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