I want to ask a girl to be my girlfriend but I don't know how she feels about me and I don't know how to ask her?( we're in high school now and I've known her since 8th grade) and I've never asked anyone out or been in a relationship.


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Write her a note asking do you wanna be my girlfriend ? Check yes or no or maybe so !! Or just hang with her and let things happen naturally :) your choice :)

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i guess just show her who you are. It depends on the girl, but get to know her before asking her out. Or ask her out and get to know her on the date.

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A few conversations and a couple of dates should precede your proposal to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Just flat out asking her to be your girlfriend is immature and may scare her away.

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You need to date this girl first before asking her to be your girlfriend. No offense, but I would be creeped out if a guy I never even dated just flat out asked me to be his girlfriend.

Dating lets you find out about a person. Some ask her out - group dates if you're under 16 and get to know her before you take that next leap.

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Tony Fuller
Tony Fuller commented
my bad i thought asking to be bf&gf was the same as asking her to date me
Danae Hitch
Danae Hitch commented
That would be no, Tony. Dating and being girlfriend and boyfriend are definitely NOT the same thing.

As Gator Blu has suggested, ask her to get some coffee, a Coke, go to your school's football game, etc. You want to date and get to know her first.

If you're nervous about asking her, that's ok, because she's probably nervous as well. Just ask her - you've got nothing to lose!
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You are dating this girl right? After you date for awhile you can discuss being exclusive, aka boyfriend/girlfriend.

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Tony Fuller
Tony Fuller commented
no we're not dating that's what my problem is
PJ Stein
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Then ask her to go get a cup of coffee after school, or to a school sporting event, or a movie. You need to ask her on a date not to be in a relationship. Asking to be in a relationship without dating first is just kind of creepy. I am not trying to insult you, I am just giving you the female perspective,
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Never ever EVER ask a girl to be your anything unless you are proposing, if things are going in the right direction then nothing really needs to be said

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