Should age matter in a relationship?


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Hazel Anne Buctuanon Profile
Ideally it should not matter....If you love the person sincerely then go for it....
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Danni marie answered
Depending on the age difference but mostly it doesnt it just matters wht kind of feelings you have for eachother
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Ryanna Brown answered
As long as it is not an adult dating a minor there is nothing wrong with it. My mom is 20yrs younger than my stepfather and he is the best thing that ever happened to her
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Ali Dock answered
Its not okay with minors and majors! (pretend u are 20 and u like some1 thats 16 u can get in trouble for dating them) when i say in trouble i mean with the law
nashimah langilao Profile any relationship as long as the both of you is happy to each others company AGE DOESN'T MATTER
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John Doe
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Lets say a 14 year old Thinks they are in love with a 30 year old... Then age kinda matters.
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Starma Scorpio answered
If both parties are of legal consentual age then no.  Sometimes lifestyles may not gel though if the age difference is too great, or maturity level but if it works for both of you then it shouldn't be an issue. 

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