In which age a boy should start sex practices?


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Olivia D'nae Profile
Olivia D'nae answered
Boys usually start early. 13-14 usually.Its sad but its life
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Betty Cheng answered
I think it's appropriate to say that boys "can" start a "healthy" sexual practice at the age of 16-18. That's just my opinion. Boys hormones are raging at the age of 12 years old and they are curious about every aspect of the female body. So, I believe it's "ok" to say that boys can start kissing at the age of 16-18.
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nuza vial answered
When he gets married, some girls find it attractive trust me
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sam unknown answered
Wait until you're ready. There is no pressure to become sexually active at a young age. It'll mean a lot more if you wait until you're with someone that you really love and care about.
Rajesh sawant Profile
Rajesh sawant answered
It's not a sex practice,
start a mastuburation from age 16 to18,,
but wait for sex untill you're marriage,,,
John Bearfoot Profile
John Bearfoot answered
When  he  is man enough to take  care
and help out  with caring  for a child he
fathered  also if  he can't  take his gf  to
get  her  protected with  birth control  than
he  should not  be engaging in any sexual activity
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aly maly answered
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Oddman answered
A boy should not start sex practices. He should wait until he is a man in a committed relationship.
I think a boy start when he is committed with some girl .it will be better for every boy.he should start when he is enough mature.
XX Chromosome Profile
XX Chromosome answered
Don't have sex until you find someone you really love and that relationship is meaningful. But I think health-wise, masturbation is appropriate when you need it (probably most during puberty).

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