How Do You Help A Man Last Longer In Bed?


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There are a couple of different methods that can actually extend a man's point of climax. It is important for your male partner to understand that this requires an active effort on their part, a little practice, and a lot of communication. Inability to last is just something that happens and there are not a whole lot of reasons why. Requesting that they think of their mother or grandmother during intimacy will not help the situation because it is not a mental problem.

In my experience, it is helpful to take an anti-depressant every once in a while because this is a side effect of the medication. However, if the pills are taken on a regular basis, like everyday, the effects will no longer be felt after a couple of months or so. Another short-term solution is to apply a numbing gel such as Licoderm, which is sold in a tube. Application just below the head on the underside of the shaft approximately one hour prior to intimacy will assist with longer lasting performance because of somewhat numbed friction. It is important to ensure that all of the gel is wiped away and that it is not applied just before being with your partner because numbing may occur in your partner and can be dangerous in some cases.

Finally, there is a pinching technique that must be worked on together with your partner. The male who is experiencing an inability to last for a long period of time must first recognize the tingling sensation that occurs just before climax. The tingling feeling that can be felt at this moment is the point of return for him. During intimacy he must tell you when this tingling feeling is happening and this is when you will grasp him firmly just below the head focusing the majority of the pressure on the underside of the shaft. This will be done for approximately fifteen seconds and then released. After this is done continuously and on a regular basis your partner will be able to last longer and longer due to recognition and control of the sensations that occur just before climax.
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A lot of things are required when wanting to last longer in the bed for men, especially those that ejaculate quickly. I know that it is hard to control these things especially when you are in throes of passion with your partner. However making love is even more pleasurable when you are able to last long. You can definitely overcome your problem over a period of time, through practice.

Find out information on Kegel exercises through websites that talk about how you can control your ejaculation. You can get information through a search engine like Google which leads to websites that teach you how you can control your ejaculation when it is nearing. In fact, the best part of Kegel exercises is that they can be practised at any time of the day whether you are in the bus or in the car, in the office, etc.

Secondly, do some breathing techniques. According to ancient sex texts, breathing techniques makes sex life better. Try to take in deep breaths and slowly exhale, while making love. Keep doing it, and you will feel relaxed and be able to concentrate on your work with you inside your partner. On the long term, this would really satisfy both you and your partner.

Another option would be to look out for 'Tantric Sex' articles, though for the most of us, this would be like being a professor in sex, reading all these things. But hey, if it helps your sex life, then why worry? The woman on top position is also a good position to last longer, as long as you are in charge, instead of her. Try out whatever you have learnt and you should have not problems. However if these things do not work, then you would need to rely on drugs. However, these are not recommended. Try to meet a counsellor or doctor and explain the problem. All said and done, I am able to last long after practising the above mentioned techniques.
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Touch or fondle with his penis shaft for 5mins before sex then have it
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Some (not too serious...) suggestions:

* Lie very still. Even better, pretend to be dead. Better still, whistle. (I find the theme to Hogan's Heroes to be particularly distracting.)

* If he appears to be getting close, ask him if he can remember the date of his mother's birthday. Or how old his grandmother is. Or who his sister's first boyfriend was.

* Make him wear at least 3 condoms and use bonjela in lieu of KY.

For maximum effect, my recommendation would be a combination of all three.

Good Luck!
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I would just do something simple like get naked and let him rub u in places that he wants to rub u in
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Extend the orgasm time little by little. When you know he is not far off coming, get off him and lick and fondle him, give him more foreplay, tease and then continue to have intercourse again. Little by little, the time hopefully will be extended because if it is not a physical thing it can be controlled emotionally or mentally. If however it is a physical thing, lots of situps, weight training, breathing exercises, healthy foods that stimulate blood flow and encouragment without making him feel sensitive.
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God, you know a lot about this. can you give me tips to make it more enjoyable towards both partners?

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To answer your question, you can't really make a man last longer in bed. If you start asking him questions, he might think something is wrong with you. Try to avoid acting crazy. Most men once they climax the first time, they are usually done and want to turn over and go to sleep. Even if you climax and you want to keep going, tell him, I'm not finished I want to keep going. Either he will or he won't. If he doesn't then that's his problem. Also you can be spontanous, make him want more, do things that you wouldn't usually do. Be creative. Hope it all works out!
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Make sure he does not urinate prior to intercourse!!! Big help!! Switch positions often and keep him interested. Talk dirty to him!!

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