What is the best way to handle a long-distance relationship with a man? 


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There's an old saying that goes, "Long distance relationships never work".  (Actually - I think the phrase actually features on  the TV show How I Met Your Mother, but the idea is still valid!)

There's no doubting that distance DOES put extra strain on a relationship, so here are some challenges you'll need to consider if you're separated from your partner by miles of physical distance:

Trust - is the biggest issue. Do you trust him or her not to go behind your back? Even if you trust your partner, you may worry about the people they hang out with - or whether anyone will try to snatch them from you.

Physical intimacy - Sex is a big part of most adult relationships, and lack of regular sex will test even the strongest relationship.

No matter how good someone's intentions are, they can still be caught off-guard by their hormones and primal instincts!

Having someone around - Relationships are all about sharing your life with someone else. No matter how much you love each other, long-distance relationships can only ever be a temporary solution.

It's natural to want to have someone to share your life with, and continuing things at a distance will only ever work if there's a concrete goal to work towards - the promise that you'll someday live together.

If that doesn't exist, then you might as well bite the bullet and call it a day.
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If you really love each other, it doesn't really matter where you are or how far apart you are. Sometimes when he is far away, and we simply talk over the phone or email, I feel even closer to him. 

Trust him, he must trust you, spend quality time with each other when you can.  Always be open and honest, most importantly.  Simply love each other. 

The distance can sometimes bring you closer and can make you realize what you really have.
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Communication and trust....the only ingredient in any relationship, either distant or not.

My boyfriend flew from East Asia to South Asia (where I am currently based) just to see me for 3 days during his holiday break.

We call each other everyday since we get to talk for free (powered by Skype). We long for each other and both looking forward on next holiday plan.

Every time we have arguments, we make sure that it is sorted before the day ends. Relationship becomes sweeter...I guess I'm just lucky to have him.
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It is trust that you need in these kinds of relationships.
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Definitely, yes! For I know that even we though we don't have a lot of time just to spend each other, in myself I know that he is the person I'll know for the rest of my life....

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