How Do I Know If My Girlfriend Is Cheating In A Long Distance Relationship?


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You don't...if you trust her enough then she deserves it and you don't have to worry.I had a long dinstance relationship with my b/f for 3 years..We were together for two years after I left to another country to enter the university.He never trusted me even in the beginning of our relationship,always jealous of me,mad at me if I talked to another male while he had the right to have female friends.he tighten my hands and when I left to the other country and he started opening my mailbox I started cheating on him..and lying...I'm not proud of it and now I feel terribly sorry...I told him after 2 years and now he doesn't want to forgive me..but should trust each other,otherwise this relationship ain't going to work.and also although I was doing these horrible things for a year I'd been calling him every day for the three years that we lived don't count on communication signs either.
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It's kinda hard to tell if they're cheating on you because if you ask one of their friends they will tell your gf and she'll get all mad so you ask directly to her and flat out ask if you know she is lie ing then she IS cheating on you if you can tell she ain't... Well you get the idea

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