I have a long distance relationship with my boyfriend. He recently presented someone else as his girlfriend and when I found out he apologised and said he loves only me. Recently I'm not sure again. Is he cheating on me?


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The old saying, "out of sight, out of mind" probably comes into play here as you weren't supposed to find out that he's going out behind your back, and then to lie when caught and confronted makes 2 wrongs here, and then to even say he loves only you is strike three in most books and he would be outta here. All you've done is force him to be more careful here probably so he won't have to face you again and realistically I bet it wont be long now before he breaks up with you. This is just the typical way guys are and it's nothing you did here except not live closer so you could watch him better. Long distant romances very rarely ever make it due to the apart factor but once a cheater, he will do it again guaranteed. Up to you now, but he's going to be very hard to trust fully ever again. Sorry and good luck.
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Sooo .. He got caught, not only spending time with another girl, but presenting her as his 'girlfriend' .. And the only reason he feels bad, is because he got caught.

It's not rocket surgery Einstein ! 

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Ask why he did that. If you think it's a legtimate reason then continue, otherwise dump him.

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Think, what if you didnt find out? Then you wouldn't know and he would continue to cheat on you. So my dears you let this fellow go because if he really cared about YOU he would never even dream of another woman, but obviously as you can see here, he doesn't take the relationship seriously as he thinks "Well it's a long distance relationship, she won't know". Don't let him think that, if he is thinking that (which it seems like he is) let him know that it's not okay to wander off with other women! If he really wanted it to work, it could, as you know long distance relationships don't work well because the other partner gets paranoid or suspicious (though not always true) and they end it on those terms! But don't get scared, these relationships can work, just as long as you BOTH commit to each other 100%, there is no way in being sure whether he/she will be faithful that's just based on trust. But in your case looks like somebody couldn't deal with the pressure. I say this guy is better off alone. He don't deserve a good person like you. Good Luck.

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