My boyfriend is asking someone else on a date. He loves me, i know he does. I know who's this girl he asked, they've been in touch recently, he told me that they're just friends. But i find it hard to trust him. How can he ask someone else on a date?


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That's a big no no. Mostly when he's your boyfriend. But at the same time you shouldn't be too wronged about; try to open up you mind a little. Not only that, but I think you should talk to him and make sure he understands the boundaries of where he should stand. And tell him, a to put it in his mind that what if you do the same back to him, would he be okay with it... Get what I mean? Got to play a fair game when it comes to dating! (:
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The fact that he just asked someone else on a date shows no respect. You need to be up front about it and ask him if he's cheating. If he is, it's your call on what to do next, bu I'm sure you'll do what's right.

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He's cheating. Unless its a friendly date. But it's still disrespectful on your side specially you are widely calling him boyfriend and he's acting like he's single. Better yet go talk to him and clear things out

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That's true ... How can he ask sm1 else... If he is doing like this then he is cheating you n that girl too... Ask him what he wants...make evrythng clear so that you won't suffer ...

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