How Can I Know If He Still Loves Me Without Asking Him?


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Does he STILL love me?...

You say "still loves me" which suggests that you have been in love as a couple before. Well; When a guy still feels for you, He usually gets jealous when you talk to other guys. You could test this by talking to guys that he knows and that he will find out about, but don't go out with his best mate or anything, That's just too far!
If you do this and sense a little bit of jealousy usually means he still likes you ;)

If you have dated this person before it is like that there fact that there will always be a little part of them that still has feelings for you, the line however where this is just that they care that you are ok and happy or if they love you is hard to define.

If this was a serious long term relationship and you want to know if they are still in love with you, the only way to find out might be to test the water yourself by sending them a message or an email, recalling a particularly good time in your relationship, maybe something special you did together and just say "I was just looking at holidays and remembered the lovely time we had in...still think of you often", and see what reply you get back.

what if we're still together and I don't think he loves me still?
If you are still dating, and you sense that he has fallen out of love with you, you're instincts are probably the best to go on here.  We can tell when we feel loved, or if there are other issues getting in the way.  If you feel like he has fallen out of love with you, as hard as it is, the best thing that you can do, is just ask him outright.

What if I don't want him to still love me?

If you have broken up with this person and wonder what his current feeling are and you are hoping that they don't still love you, try to keep all contact to a minimum which will ensure that they can move on, even if they do love you, the lack of contact will help them to get over you.
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I don't know... I need an answer for this question.... He constantly tells me and he gets mad that I wont say it back now... He puts me at the back of the list and does everything else then when he is with me tells me he was thinking about me.... So why didnt you call me or hang out with me???? I am so frustrated I don't know what to do... Let him go and find someone new or hang in there???? Someone please HELP!
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I just don't know anymore if he loves me or not. But at the back of my mind says to let go. Your just making your self unhappy. But he tells me all good things when I'm about to end it. But when we are in the relationship. I don't really feel him. I just wana leave and move on and be happy. Coz now, I'm honestly not.
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Men are notoriously bad at expressing their emotions. Subtlety and hints are not their strongest suit. Going on a fishing expedition to find out if he still loves you, will, at best, simply confuse him or, at worst, be completely misinterpreted and make your situation more complicated.

When it comes to reading between the lines, men are in a much lesser league compared to women. Who knows what conclusions he might jump to?

He could feel threatened if he thinks you are trying to get rid of him in a roundabout sort of way. Or he could think your overtures are mere beating around the bush before you admit to having an affair with his best friend.

The best course of action, speaking from the perspective of being a man myself, is for you to ask him outright. He will know then that you need reassurance and prompt him into re-evaluating how he behaves towards you. He's become too cosy and set in his ways, your question will be the wake up call he needs to stop taking you for granted.
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I have a boyfriend, and he never has really shown much love. I've been with him two months, I'm his first girlfriend ever, which is a bit :O but, his mum keeps moaning at him that he needs to pay me more attention, and too right, he does, but that's a bit mean I think.
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Seeing his reaction when you talk to other boys. Seeing his reaction when you get yourself into trouble on purpose (see if he stops you from being stupid :P). Staring at him and see if he looks back, then look away, if he keeps on staring then yeaaah :) Or simply just talk to him, his face should be able to read off, if not by you then by other people!
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Well my boyfriend ask me is I still luv him. Because he said I'm not showing my love for  him anymore.. What should I do to let him know that I still luv him..
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So I need help,, like ASAP!
My boyfriend is the best thing that ever happened to me. Ever. & he said he shows me he loves me by doing certain things & he asked what I did to show him but I don't know how to answer that!
Help please!
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Well my boyfriend moved to minnesota about three months ago, he doesnt call he doesnt text he doesnt even write me but I know he loves me because I know him well, please help me what should I do?
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I don't know but you can understand him, and he can understand you if you really love him.
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Any girl want to know how much his boyfriend love she or want to see does he still love she test the jealous xD
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My boyfriend tells me he loves me but he never really shows me I try to talk to him about this but he says I'm just moaning. Hes so busy with work and his new friends I just feel iv been put on the back burner a little. Iv tried talking to him but he just doesnt get it and now we have a house together I'm starting to feel trapped. What can I do I no he loves me and I love him shall I just put up with it? Help!
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I still love my ex to death and we broke up because he started ignoring me in front of his friends...but he still acts like he loves me because he asks my friends if I talk about him...and I started dating this other guy and I broke up with because he felt more like a friend...but anyways he asked a guy in the 9th grade in the hall randomly if he knew me and he said yes and he said do you know if she is still dating the 12th grader and he said I don't know and he said he was just wondering and he just shows many signs that he still loves me...does anybody think he still loves me??HELP
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Well for me, right now me & my ex are havinq a lot of problems -.-
He thinks me & his bestfriend had sex, which is NOT TRUE.
He told me he don't love me no more, he don't kare about me, & he's calling me all
These things for no reason. But then again, I read in between the lines
& see he does kare, my friend told me he stresses me still by
First talking about his new roOm, & then out of nowhere saying
"Diana is really messed up"
Ehh for me, he still kares & that lie hurts him even though he don't want too
Admit it.
I don't know what yah think?

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