I love my cousin and I am a muslim and i want to know if he likes me. Any signs to know. Also I am 12 Anyway to tell him i love him without telling him?


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Let me phone him and ask him. What's his number?'re twelve. The fact that you're asking what you are, and the way you are..............shows you're too young for this. Don't be in a hurry to grow up, please.

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first of all, wait, think about it again.

and second that omg, your like me, when i was your age i too had a crush on my cousin and im also Muslim, now, i literally loved my cousin a lot, and he loved me too but then i went away to boarding school and we both forgot all that happened!

So, just be sure again if you love him truly, next, according to how he is (his nature), plan on telling him alone, like you can call him to talk to him face to face and tell him, before telling him tho, make sure than he wont make fun of your feelings, he might do that, finding out his attitude towards you can make it easier, like if he's all friends with you , then you might be in the friend zone and he might see you that way but if he tries to get close to you , or uselessly trouble you or just cheers you up , then he might like you.

signs of if he likes you or not depends on his nature!

Dont be afraid to tell him if you find out he wont tell others or make fun, the sooner you'll tell him , even if he rejects you,then it'll be easier to get over him and not dream in his love!

Good luck!

and btw, since guys dont understand signs, the best way to tell him would be talk to him face to face, it's the best way to avoid mixed signals and hence, confusions and misunderstandings!

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You are too young to be here!

13 is the legal age.

But, at 12 you aren't in love. 

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