Is it true the reason pfc bradley manning released(wiki leaks) government top secret documents because he was upset over his homosexual lifestyle?does this mean deviant behaviour effects common sense.


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Sure sounds like thats pretty accurate but what he provided is peanuts to what I know and what is really going on in the world
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"Deviant behavior effects common sense"?  Far out question and yep, it's true.  Look at the homosexual, atheist, evolution, religious cults, world view.  None of the members have common sense.
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Just heard a news article of a highly recognized athiest(hitchins) dying from cancer and being taken care of by a christian is that for god/yhwh/jesus arranging lifes last steps even for a athiest who claims not to believe.god has a strange sense of humor. : ). But it still works out in the end.
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I think this is pure slander. I do not know his sexual orientation, but one thing I do know is homosexuality does not corrode common sense.
This is an idiotic assertion to make, that being gay can have detrimental effects on performance, if that was the case then Broadway Theater would have gone away years ago my friend.
The simple fact is this, this brave man gives us secret information for free and is a felon. Meanwhile the prick from Facebook gives away your personal information for a price and he is a modern day hero.
Why is it humanity always turns its back on the ones trying to help?
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This is from a pbs news type story in that his own father mentions that he had problems after he attacked his father,when he then enlisted and had further problems violence,assaulting others while being given breaks by his superiors to keep his security clearance in which he had access to the documents he leaked. So apparently he had some mental lapse commiting treason for one.
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Well all that violence I would say he is straight, because isn't it the macho thing to do, to work out problems with violence? Heck that was what I was always taught.
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Why is it called slander when the truth of a pervert's life style is mentioned?

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