I cheated on my bf. I didn't want to but I was overpowered. I denied it to my bf but he found out it was true. He's upset because I lied to his face. He says he could have forgotten I cheated if I told him the truth but I lied. I want him back?


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Cheating means that not only did you lie to him but you are lying to yourself. Happy people in committed relationships who truly care about their partner DON'T cheat.

Time to get real. Why did you do it? Are you happy? Are you content in this relationship. Are you too young? Is he too young? Would you be better off single so you could date and fool around with whomever you please?

Let him go until you get your head on straight. You need to handle yourself before you can even BEGIN to figure things out with him.

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Chey Launikonis
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We were both happy, i loved him but i was sexually assaulted and then blamed for it. I said it didnt happen because i was scared but the person who assaulted me said i wanted it. i just want him to trust me again
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If you were actually assaulted, you need to file charges against the attacker with the police.

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How exactly were you "overpowered"? I don't get it, usually people have a choice on who they want to date and marry but you say as if someone forced you to, or was it perhaps your desire that overpowered you and made you do this betraying thing. Never less as DDX said, every action or thing you do will have some sort of consequence, if I were you I would try my hardest to get him back, explain why you did what you did and try to make him feel as if he is worth it because you did an act that told him "you weren't good enough so..." So as I said, try to make him feel as if he is worth having and try to express that you're sorry. Hopefully I didn't sound too harsh but it was kind of wrong what you did.

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Christian Leckey
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If you were sexually assaulted then to me it isn't your fault. How ever it is your fault for not telling you, it's part of a guys job to protect those they love and if you had told him then he wouldn't have let that happen again, just explain to him and tell him you're sorry.ure he can give you a second chance, I mean everyone deserves a second chance right?
Chey Launikonis
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I really hope so, i really want to be with him. lying to him wasnt like me, i should have been upfront and honest and maybe we wouldnt have a problem. Ill talk to him about it and hopefully we can work through this together so im not alone.
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I wish you the best of luck! :)
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As you are learning. You aren't always going to get what you want and your actions have consequences.  Learn the lesson and move on. 

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