My Boyfriend Of 3 Years Cheated On Me Multiple Times. I Found Out And Flipped To Say The Least. He Said He Was So Sorry And Came Crawling Back To Me On His Knees. We Are Trying To Work It Out, But I Cant Shake These Feeling Of Hatred For Him. Can You Help?


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Learn to partake in threesomes.... Or ditch him. If you can't stop hating him then eventually you will hate yourself for sticking around. Wait till the car window is fixed and the ruined clothes are thrown out so that he can't press charges. I mean really it sounds like you both crave the abuse.... He likes having you around because while he can buy all the cheap women he wants he can take you home or show you off in public. And you like his money. Ask yourself this: If he worked at Arby's and did the same thing would you still be there? If the answer is no, then you must really hate yourself for sticking around. If you lie to yourself then what problem is it for him to lie to himself and say that he won't do it again? Hypocracy is no more fun than a pack of lies. So stop "working on it" and get it done. You're a trophy and so is his wallet, he's a sex-crazed womanizing millionaire; become his wife and learn to live with that (threesomes, swinging, sex parties, stay involved but you alone will never be enough). Also learn to live with the knowledge that the bills will be paid. Either way if you want to stick with him then marry him without a prenup and grab him by the balls. Put yourself in charge. If you can't put you first then see someone else.... A psychiatrist.
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I say if he really wants to change and you still love him, then give it another go around. Same situation happened to me the beginning of this year. My boyfriend of three years admitted to cheating on me multiple times while out on the road with his band. I knew it was only because of the people he was surrounding himself with and the mentality that they believe in. I knew he was better than that and that's not the person I feel in love with so long ago. He has made a commitment to change and he is really really trying. He quit his band for me and he is working at a christian camp to refocus his life on God. I don't know if you're boyfriend is religious or not, but my had a real conviction after admitting to me all his cheating.....
It's been hard the past couple of months. Things will be for awhile, but I believe that with love that is unfailing, you can change anything for the better. He truly does love me and I promise to stay with his till the end, unless he happens to mess up again, well then, he is out the door.

I don't know if this helps, but I thought you should hear another side to an opinion. Good luck
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I think that you need to leave. There are millions of men out there that are looking for a real relationship and are good men. If he has cheated three times already then you should open your eyes and really see what is in front of you. You need to decide do you want a real relationship that is full of respent to one another and love and honesty or do you want a relationship full of deception and disrispect and lies. You are the only one to decide what you want and I know that you know the answer you just need to play on it. Hope that all works out

hope that you have a blessed day
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Been married for five years, living together for 12 years when I get a
text telling me that she's been sleeping with my husband for a year. It
just took my breath away feeling as if I was in a nightmare.

Six weeks
went by I filed for divorce. He came back asking for forgiveness to me
and my kids. I decided to give him another chance to try and workout our
marriage .

It's been two years since the affair,even though I love
him and hate him all at the same time, I just can't stop thinking about
his whereabouts (thinking is he seeing her, texting, or calling her).
How  do I stop thinking the worst?

If I had the money I'd leave him but
have none and no place to go. I feel like he took away my independence
along with my self esteem. I been seeing a therapist, been on anti
depression pills, but no longer on either.

Would sleeping with someone
else help even the score? I'm old fashion and have never cheated on him
finding it hard to do that. I cry every morning, working out to get back in shape not for him but for me. I never
want to be in a relationship again ever! Relationships are too hard to
work on and grow tired of thinking of just him all the time. What should
I do?

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GIRL you need to leave and find a man that will treat u right. There is more than a million men out there live your life.

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He is a big time idiot.. Ditch him... And enjoy your life... He is  a miserable thing on earth!!

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