Boyfriend lied to me and said it was ok to sleep over his moms house. He's 19 I'm 20. she found out I was there the next morning and blew up on ME. Should I dump him?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Depends on how close you were ! If there are lot's of lies ? Then dump him but if this is the only one ? I think you should talk and work it out. After all, you're both considered adults now and Mom there better open her eyes.

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Tom Jackson answered

I think most mothers would have reacted that way, so it wasn't so much a personal attack as an attack on a female that to the mother on some basic level had entered her "household" without either permission or deference to her.

And while you are legally classified as "adults," that's was not a circumstance in which your "adulthood" would carry much weight with regard to how you are perceived.

Get things straight (agreed upon) with your boyfriend first and then reevaluate how you want to go forward (if you do).

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Well, I for one .. Wouldnt appreciate being put in that position .. THIS episode was completely HIS fault.  HE put you in that position knowing there could be a consequence yet he took the gamble for his own benefit and made YOU pay for it.  What a jerk!

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