I'm 13 and I met a person on social media. He's 19, I was scared to tell him I'm 13 so I lied and toll him I was 18. I understand it's wrong,I only lied about my age nothing else. Is there a way I can tell him? Without hurting his feelings of course.


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You HAVE to let him know right away! This is his FREEDOM you are toying with! !3 will get him 20 in the pen! In other words you are risking him going to prison! You have to be honest with him!

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Matt Radiance answered

His feelings aren't your responsibility, you've made a mistake and you must fix it whatsoever. Tell him the truth as soon as you can,this can cause him so much trouble if your relation goes further. Also, you shouldn't scare of telling people your real age.

I know it might not be related, just as a suggestion, do your best to not complicate your life with social media ups and downs, it doesn't worth it, at this age and level, you can involve in many great things which relates to your future and pure joy and investment of life.

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You'd better tell him ASAP.  He needs to know he's actually dealing with a child. 

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Tom Jackson answered

Actions have consequences and while you can chose your actions, you cannot generally choose what the consequences of your actions will be.

I'm not sure you will "hurt his feelings," but he may well be angry.

Once you find out that you are going in the wrong direction, the best thing to do is Stop and don't go any further.

Tell him. Tell him now.  Apologize if you want to. And don't do this again.

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Barb Cala answered

I would just stop communicating with him.  You barely know him so I wouldn't worry about hurting his feelings.  If he found out you are 13 .. He'd probably stop talking to you anyway.  Not a good idea to play games like that.  I'm glad you realize it's wrong.  Parents should be supervising kids online for just this reason.

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why would you even talk to someone you JUST met on social media? Like everyone is saying, for all you know it could be a 50 year old man...

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You have to let him know. Be honest. This guy needs to know that he is talking to a child. You are too young for this thing. Go study well and forget about boys!

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Your time will come and you will remember,

this time and what you said and how you felt.

It will be as far away from you as the moon.

It is said that " He (or) She who rushes in, is lost.

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