What should I do? I saw this guy at a store and thought he was cute. I'm very shy and have never been with anyone before. I'm with my mom a lot so I wouldn't do anything in front of her. I'm very clueless when it comes to guys. I also don't know anything about him or his age but he looks to be around my age, 23, but I look way younger than my age. Please help.


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Try saying Hi next time you see him. This is probably the hardest way to meet someone especially since you haven't much experience with relationships, and you don't have the advantage schools offer here, as with the help of friends you can't find out something about him. 

So all you can do is say hi and hope he is interested and carries on the conversation and it goes good. This is if you see him again.  I wish you all the luck here

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No guy will approach you with Mom around, kinda like a secret male rule, but again if you see him again, say Hi and see what happens. It does sound like this guy may be somewhat interested here so worth the try
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Well I'm with my mom all the time because I help her watch my nephew. I'm old enough to be by myself but I work and then when I'm not working she always needs my help and I still live at home which I love living at home still need to grow up and when I'm married I'll move out. They rather me be at home right now then living on my own and my job that I love so much would not be enough to live on my own
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And it's a store where you have to have a membership and if you don't have one you can't get in so I have to be with her or my dad to go see him again and I don't know what days he works

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