What should I do? I saw this guy at a store and thought he was cute. I'm very shy and have never dated before. I'm with my mom a lot so I would not do anything in front of her. I'm very clueless when it comes to guys. please help.


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This doesn't answer your question directly, but I highly recommend following a guy on Youtube named Matthew Hussey. He is a charming British personality that advises women of all ages on how to "Get the Guy." He even wrote a book with that very title. I've learned SO much in the last year, and I love what he has to say. I'm going on a date this weekend, whereas before, I was as shy as could be, and hadn't been in the dating scene in years. ;)

Corey's answer is great, btw. Guys need to feel comfortable enough to feel they can approach a girl they're attracted to. It helps immensely with that initial meeting.

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Talk to him. We guys can be quite clueless when it comes to this as well. When I met my wife, she just walked up to me and started talking and it continued on from there. I was quite shy before as well, but now, she says I won't shut up! Good luck to you!

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Thanks, I can be the same way shy at first and then won't shut up either wants you get to know me.
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Ahh yes! A kindred spirit, lol.
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Now there is another guy I might like and we looked at each other a few times. He works at a place where you have to have a membership to get in so my mom and dad are the only ones who have the card. We only go about once or twice a month. I also don't know what days he works there. I think I might like want to get to know him more than the other guy I was talking about.
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Being shy merely means you have not yet ignited your stellar fire. I recommend starting small, learning what works for you, and sticking with what is successful.

Approach this as a multi-step process. Learn a few things you can talk about with anyone, like the weather, or classes, or what you plan to do on the weekend. It is very easy to ask questions, and people love to answer. Just ask, then shut up and let them answer. To get them thinking "i would like to date her," you have to be around them enough so you stand out from their background. IF they are still clueless after a couple weeks, ask, "Hey, I have always wanted to get to know you better, can we eat lunch together today or get a soda after school/work?" No guy would have a problem with that, unless they are already committed.

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