So I like this guy and I thought he liked me too because he's always checking me out and stares and smiles at me even in big crowds. I heard he's shy, and I'm shy too. What should I do?


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"I AM SHY" is a self-statement of failure.  Never say it, because its a justification for anticipated failure. Instead, say "I'm learning how to be social."

Walk up to him and ask his name. Share yours. Tell him you finally noticed him and wondered about him. Then ask open-ended questions to get him talking. Open-ended questions invite an answer more than yes or no. Like "what do you do in your spare time?"

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Well, if you really, really, really like him, then you should be able to overcome your shyness and ask him out. I'm pretty sure that if you really like him and he really likes you that you could get a nice relationship going here. By what you have told us, it sounds like he really likes you. Now I don't know how old you are or what grade you are in, but you might want to stop and think for a second and decide if you really want to be in a relationship. If so, then I say pull the trigger and ask him out. STRIKE LIKE A COBRA!
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Better find a way to overcome your shyness or nothing will ever happen here and thats sad
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I would figure out their name and/or cell number and text them or facebook chat

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